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10 Affordable Ways to Decorate Work Space

For as long as I can remember, I’d been obsessed with trying to find the most feasible, functional, and fabulous way to ensure I’d always have a dedicated space for homework, bills, journaling, whatever. Carving out a space to focus & get work of anything kind done is invaluable because having that area means you’re setting boundaries around work versus the rest of your life.

I have never let perceived space and/or budget restraints get in my way, and to that end, I’ve come to appreciate the value-add of having a work area and really contributing to my overall work-life balance. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to dedicate an entire room to your home office; you simply have to know how to what you need & how to get creative with the space you have.

1. Add Plants

Whether it’s a faux succulent you pick up from your favorite decor destination or a flower from your local nursery that you plan to nurture, touches of greenery naturally add a touch of life to any space.

2. Introduce Stylish Storage Solutions

No functional office space is complete without storage, but no one says it can’t be good looking storage; so get creative — from decorative boxes to acrylic sets, you can find really chic & affordable ways to keep all your necessities in place.

3. Use Vertical Space

Chances are your office has walls, so use them — floating shelves, gallery wall, color blocked paint… whatever makes your heart sing best, but know that setting your workspace up for decorating success doesn’t stop at the desk.

4. Layer Your Lighting

Lighting creates moods, so using different elements of lighting is bost pragmatic & aesthetic — candles, string lights, neon signs…these are all ways you can elevate the decor of your office.

5. Layer Textures

Textiles are your friends, and to that end, so are textures; don’t be afraid to layer a small rug below your desk, even if you already have a larger rug for the space or carpeting; hand a tapestry or macrame wall accents; introduce a wicker or leather basket (stylish storage too btw) for additional textures… all these pieces will serve you and be great to look at at the same time

6. Balance Chic Functionality

You need pens, staplers, notepads, and all the other office basics, so might as well grab some super chic ones, be it an entire color story of pens or some “marble” clipboards, because there is no shortage of retailers selling attractive office supplies.

7. Have Cord Management

Hiding your cords is a sure fire way to take your space from a hot mess to a clean & inviting space because the visual clutter & chaos is gone; and this isn’t to say you have to drill holes into the wall to make this happen, but instead it can be as simple as some clever usage of a zip tie.

8. Be Generous With Personal Touches

Whether it’s a family photo or an old birthday card that you’ve framed, introducing personal mementos are more than just hints of sentimentality — those pieces of you are an effortless way to decorate & make a space your own & one that you want to be at for hours on end working.

9. Repurpose Items

Who says your old bar cart can’t be your new file cabinet or a magazine rack can’t be your supplies caddy, because when you’re on a budget, the sky’s the limit for how you can customize & repurpose items to make them function for what you need.

10. Add Scents

When you add a few candles for lighting, make sure to grab a few scented ones as well because the right aromas can be the perfect support cast for cost-effective decor.

There’s no hard & fast rule that says your office has to be any one way. It has to be YOUR way, to fit your needs, personality, and lifestyle.


Alberthe “Albie” Buabeng is an online interior designer & decor stylist whose passion for decoding spaces has resulted in an online design & concierge shopping service, in addition to a conference & community dedicated to supporting other designers navigating the digital space.

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