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Audio Guided Abundance Meditation

Meditation is training the mind to find ease, stillness, and focus. It is a way to cultivate more self-awareness so that we can better ourselves and act rather than react to what life throws our way. Much like physical exercise conditions our body to be healthy, meditation trains our minds to be healthy. It can even help us manifest what we want to bring into our lives!

In this post, you’ll learn how to cultivate abundance through 5 simple steps.

1. Move your body

Take a few minutes to move your body. Do yoga, dance, jump up and down. Allow that movement to get energy flowing through body so that you are able to release any stagnation or blockages that have accumulated. Move around until the body feels light and energized.

2. Write

Make a list of all the things that currently make you happy. Get yourself into a happy state of being!

3. Set intentions

Once you are in that happy state of being, write down three intentions or things that you want to bring into your life right now. Be specific.

4. Find a comfortable seat and close your eyes

Allow yourself a moment to arrive and then powerfully choose this time for you to grow, connect with yourself, and all that you want and desire from life.

5. Listen to guided audio meditation.

Angela Glaz (500 hour E-RYT, Ayurvedic Counselor, Founder of Eka Yoga)  first began her practice of meditation and yoga in 2002. She finds joy in encouraging her students to explore their own unique gifts. That passion and belief in honoring every individual’s unique qualities is what drove Angela to create and open what is now Eka Yoga.

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