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Fitting into Impossible Beauty Standards

It’s pretty well known that the beauty standards for women are, well, harsh! Women are expected to have flawless skin, a tight body and look made-up but wear no make-up.

New moms are expected to bounce back to pre-baby body, and it’s becoming even more of a trend to maintain a six pack while pregnant! Celebrities face maybe the most scrutiny of all. Skinny shaming, fat shaming, ugly shaming and more, these leading ladies have seen (and heard) it all!

Jessica Simpson has heard it all! She was frequently referred to as being “too thin”, “frail” and “unhealthy” or scrutinized for her lack of body fat in the mid 2000’s. Not long after getting pregnant and having a baby, she gained weight and struggled with the media deeming her “fat”, “thick” or “overweight”. She had earned herself celebrity status after years of acting and modeling, but was always taunted and labeled, never fitting the impossible beauty standards of the Hollywood spotlight.

Kelly Clarkson is being criticized for maintaining a curvier shape, but she had words for her haters! Kelly laughs about the fat shaming comments, saying “I could die tomorrow. Do I wanna die on a diet? Am I gonna meet God on an empty stomach? Probably not—I’m gonna meet him with some steak and taters in my stomach!” You go girl! These body standards are hardly reasonable and self-love is in right now, so there’s nothing wrong with loving the skin that you’re in, and Kelly is doing just that!

By Marc Schiller, colors edited

Rihanna, a name I was surprised to have to add to this list. Just last night my hubby and I were watching the all female cast of Ocean’s 8 and I looked over at him and said “Rihanna is one of my girl crushes, she is a hottie!” He laughed and rolled his eyes, but he knows it’s true, and so should you!

This singer/actress has a curvier shape now than when she originally came on the scene, and damn if I’m pro-2018 Rihanna! She looks AMAZING, but some folks disagree, claiming she is endorsing an unhealthy image. She believes her body is healthy, and claims she just wants to tone up her curves a little. This Barbados babe has fluctuating weight and she told Vogue, in a recent interview, that she focuses on loving her image, even if it’s not “perfect according to the book.”.

It’s pretty clear that the ideal body isn’t even obtainable for most celebrities, let alone for those of us without access to specialized nutritionists, chefs and personal trainers. But does that mean that these Hollywood beauties aren’t actually “beautiful”? I refuse to accept that. I watch Melissa McCarthy and can’t help but swoon over her brilliant eyes, and a face that I believe is gorgeous.

Pitch Perfect became one of my favorite films after Rebel Wilson graced the screen and shared her sassy ‘tude with the cast. I can’t help but love her!  Kim K is best known for her ass-ets but it’s still expected for ladies of all shapes and sizes to change themselves into cookie cutter plain janes to fill an idealization of what they should look like?

I didn’t always look in a mirror and swoon over my stretch marks, but after a lot of weeping over my lack of “ideal beauty” I realized something: I made a human being! So what if my baby weight isn’t all gone yet, and my tummy looks like a Tiger’s back? I love that little babe and I would hate to see her grow up hating parts of herself, or learning self-criticism, from her mama! I’d much rather see her grow up to appreciate her “flaws” and differences. It’s 2018 people, let’s embrace the bodies we have and learn to love them, curves or not! After all, step one to self-health is loving yourself. Let’s take a note from Beyonce, and start feelin ourselves. #GetItGirl


Kymbrye is a sports-blogger turned mommy! She owns and operates 2 blogs, SportsSkinny and Mama And Mini where she shares her life, her love of sports and all things mommy. She married her own personal Superman. They have 3 wild but lovable dogs and a flawless baby girl. She’s a born-and-raised New Mexican and yes, these are her real eyes.


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  1. Yes! I live in Orange County and constantly see scantily clad women walking around and flaunting the underside of their buttocks in small shorts. I sometimes find myself comparing. But I try to be thankful for the butt God gave me and for even having jeans to wear. :) I try to remind myself that I was created a certain way and that comparison is the root of envy and discontentedness.

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