I Am painting series

I started this painting series by accident. One night I felt the need to paint something but didn’t know what to paint. So I just picked up my sketchbook and started to draw. In just a few minutes, I did a sketch which later became one of my most popular paintings so far, ‘I am enough.’

The overwhelmingly positive feedback I got from everyone convinced me that I’m onto something, and thus came the ‘I am’ women empowering painting series.
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As human beings (especially women), we’re always worried if we’re good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, healthy enough, smart enough… the list goes on. We compare ourselves to someone else’s perfect life on social media and feel inadequate.
Art Equipments Scene 02 Enough

This painting series is a reminder that you’re enough and you should never try to be someone that you’re not. You’re unique. Always be yourself and love yourself.
I’m going to create many more as long as they continue to help empower women and girls around the world.

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I am loved

IG I am Balanced

IG I am inspiring


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