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Read This if You’re Going Through Hard Times

Today we’re going to give you 3 ways to GROW through what you go through- and truly become your authentic self.

1. Be Authentic: Find your purpose.

If you recently had a situation arise that brought your perfect plan to a screeching halt, try this:

Reposition Yourself: The oldest way of divvying up the good and the bad- A pro’s and Con’s list but with a little more thought.
For example, your significant other recently ended your relationship. Take all the hours you spent doing what they wanted and smack that onto the con’s list. Now take every goal or new yoga class you’ve been dying to do and place that nice and pretty on your pro list. This is repositioning yourself for success. You will find your independence just keep swimming as the great Dori once said.

2. Move-on, Yes I said it- Move on.

You can’t live in a Snapchat loop, you need to accept what just happened even if you don’t like it. Then you need to move on. You need to clear your head in order to make room for your next move. Try this:

Channel your Icon and channel them hard. Get out your tablet or laptop or longhand it- does not matter. If you just lost your job, ask yourself and write it down what would my Icon do in this situation. Don’t stop there though, pick your best option and make actionable goals to get you there. If you lost your job think about what you want out of your next job and begin a job search with that criteria. Realize you have worth.

3. Apply your favorite muscle rub to your hardest working muscular organ- YOUR HEART

Here are two ways you can soothe yourself right now.

Write (are you seeing a pattern yet), but not just any writing style. Stream of conscious writing was made popular for today’s powerhouses by William James and May Sinclair. A style of writing where grammar, periods, and all sense of formatting goes out the window. It’s just you putting every single thought to paper as you think them. I swear it’s one of the best ways to get out of your head but don’t take my word for it, try it! Oh, and remember everything takes a little practice.

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Set Aside Dedicated freak out time. For 20 minutes a day, let all that stress out by letting yourself, you guessed it- stress out. Let yourself feel those emotions, let yourself worry. BUT, set the timer we don’t want you carrying this into the rest of your day. Repressing emotions and feelings isn’t healthy. This will help.

Klarissa Arafa (Columbus, Ohio)  is a writer with a Bachelor’s in Fashion and Retail Studies ‘19.
She enjoys Hemingway, lingerie, and random interactions. Instagram: @Klarris.a


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